Everyone has a blog nowadays. So why should you read mine? Just listen to what critics have to say:1

“This is the best blog I’ve ever read… there are just no words. No, literally, there are no words, it’s just pictures. Can you even call this a blog?”

“The photography is so incredibly stunning. I love how you intentionally blurred so many of them and took them crookedly.”

“Are you just trying to make an Instagram page, Kels? I mean really.”

“Kelsey, if you want to take good photos, you’re going to have to get a real camera and learn how to edit. Some of these are awful.”

In reality, I started a blog years ago primarily to share my photos and experiences with my close family and friends for the time I was planning on spending in Somaliland, but ever since I got rid of the ole facedoodle a few years back, I decided to resurrect this. Slowly. Veeeeeeery slowly.

Let’s be honest, the purpose is mainly for me to learn how to use wordpress, but it has helped me nostalgically look back and remember how grateful I am to have been where I’ve been and to have seen what I’ve seen. If one person stumbles across this and feels the slightest nag to head out somewhere they might not have considered otherwise, I’m so happy for you and I wish you all the best.

I am indebted to every person I’ve met along the way. Thanks for letting me experience the moments in your life you were kind enough to share.

❤ k dizzle dazzle

1Critics consist of my mom, dad, and brothers.